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What is H.I.S?

Helping International Students

Helping International Students is a non-profit organization that seeks to address the unique practical, social, and spiritual needs of Canada's international student community. We achieve this goal by working with local churches and organizations to mobilize volunteers and financial support to provide events and programming designed to serve the felt needs of international students in cities across Canada. 

Our Story

In 2019, Hamilton International Students started as informal group of Christian volunteers wanting to address the gap in programming and supports for international students in Hamilton Ontario. We began hosting free community dinners and organizing friendship meals for students to join local families for meals in their homes over the holidays. We were quickly overwhelmed by the number of students interested in these events and, over the next couple of years, committed more time and resources, in partnership with local churches and organizations, to developing additional programming and services such as career mentorship programs, pandemic grocery supports (through government funding), and housing supports. Now, in 2023, our programs have expanded to several cities across Canada and are supported by like-minded volunteers and organizations. Incorporated as Helping International Students, our organization now supports the delivery of needs-based services for international students Canada-wide. 

Cities hosting H.i.S.programs 
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