Do you have questions about the meaning of life?

Then join us for Alpha.  A video series discussing major life questions.  The Alpha Course is presented from a Christian perspective but all faith backgrounds are welcome.

Starting again in Spring 2023

Alpha is an evening to make friends and a place to listen and respond with openness and respect.  And each week we will enjoy eating dinner together.



K, Ecudaor

As a Christian I am not exempt from asking myself important questions about my faith and about Jesus. for most of them there is no answer or only one answer, and that makes it challenging. Alpha provides spaces to answer this, and do it in community, feel safe, and consider other points of view. The family that received us was very warm and loving.

Alpha allowed me to share my faith in a place of companionship and family. Our different backgrounds and experiences created a deeper understanding of our love of Christ.

A, Pakistan