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English Language Classes

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Join with other international students to learn about Canadian customs, holidays and use topics for living in Canada.

All classes are free, but space is limited.

*During COVID-19, all classes will be held over Zoom.

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S, Japan

I learn not only English but also Canadian culture and customs in this class.

Learning culture is very fun and interesting, especially for a beginner in English like me.

A very supportive teacher and friendly students help me so much.

N, Yemen

I enjoy attending English class online. The teacher is very helpful and has an excellent manner to improve the conversation of international students. I have benefited and improved my speech. Additionally, I have learned many vocabulary from different topics. I'm  still looking forward to attending more lessons.

M, Brazil

The English classes have helped me to improve my English language skills.  I have been a student with them for almost 2 years.  It was essential to improve my communication with my research group at the University of Guelph and develop my PhD research project.