Want to Practice English?

English Conversation Partners


Meet a local Canadian once a week for coffee/tea and conversation. 


Practice your listening and speaking skills

and make a Canadian friend!

*During COVID-19, meetings will happen online or

at a safe social distance.

Interested in learning more or

signing up to get a partner?


J, Mongolia

I like talking with my conversation partner because it gives me an opportunity to practice my English , even I can’t speak fluently, it helps me build up my encouragement to speak English little by little.

S, Japan

With my conversation partner we can talk from general topics to personal topics.  Talking with them is really fun and motivates me to learn English conversation.

A, Brazil

My conversation partner helped me to learn local habits and customs.  I felt connected to the people in the city.  It was nice to have someone to talk to once a week who wasn't a part of the university.